Symposium Overview

The 22nd International Symposium on Chirality (Chirality 2010: ISCD-22) will be held at Sapporo, Japan, from July 12 to 15, 2010 and will bring together world-renown scientists to provide the largest and most thorough coverage of all aspects and advances related to chirality, and its impact on the practical and economic aspects of science and technology.

Join us at Chirality 2010, for even more exciting opportunities to share ideas and hear about the latest scientific advancements.

Founded in 1988, the annual International Symposium on Chirality (ISCD) is an international forum devoted to discussion of all aspects of chirality in the life and natural sciences. The symposium series, which alternates between the United States, Europe and Asia, is the premier meeting for the presentation and discussion of recent scientific and technological advances related to all aspects of molecular chirality.

The basic organization of Chirality 2010 will be similar to past years, and the program will include the Chirality Medal Award and reception, plenary lectures, keynote lectures, contributed oral presentations on original research and applications, poster sessions, poster competition, and a symposium banquet.

The Chirality Series (International Symposium on Chiral Discrimination (ISCD)):
ISCD-1 (1988)Paris, France
ISCD-2 (1991)Rome, ItalyD. Misiti
ISCD-3 (1992)Tubingen, GermanyV. Schurig
ISCD-4 (1993)Montreal, CanadaI. W. Wainer
ISCD-5 (1994)Stockholm, SwedenU. Hacksell
ISCD-6 (1995)St. Louis, MO, USAD. W. Armstrong
ISCD-7 (1995)Jerusalem, IsraelI. Agranat
ISCD-8 (1996)Edinburgh, UKW. J. Lough
ISCD-9 (1997)Nagoya, JapanY. Okamoto
ISCD-10 (1998)Vienna, AustriaW. Lindner
ISCD-11 (1999)Chicago, IL, USAW. H. Pirkle & C. J. Welch
ISCD-12 (2000)Chamonix, FranceA. Collet & H. B. Kagan
ISCD-13 (2001)Orlando, FL , USAD. W. Armstrong
ISCD-14 (2002)Hamburg, GermanyW. Konig & G. Blaschke & V. Schurig
ISCD-15 (2003)Shizuoka, JapanK. Saigo
ISCD-16 (2004)New York, NY, USAJ. Canary & N. Berova & C. J. Welch
ISCD-17 (2005)Parma, ItalyR. Marchelli & F. Gasparrini
ISCD-18 (2006)Busan, S. KoreaM.H. Hyun
ISCD-19 (2007)San Diego, CA, USAT. J. Ward
ISCD-20 (2008)Geneva, SwitzerlandE. Francotte & J. Lacour
ISCD-21 (2009)Breckenridge, CO USAD. M. Walba
ISCD-22 (2010)Sapporo, JapanE. Yashima
ISCD-23 (2011)Liverpool, UKJ. Caldwell